Mission and Vision Statements

Vision of Josiah’s Covenant:

We see a family of orphaned girls being raised up into their true identity. They are learning to walk in love, joy, authority, and boldness. They are getting emotionally healed and set free, and will do the same for many others in the future. They are learning necessary skills to make a living by learning English, farming, cooking, life-skills and expertise for the hotel and hospitality industry. When they are ready to leave our farm, we will release them into their destinies, whether that be in farming, being a mom, or whatever sphere of influence they are called to. We will stay connected, continuing to lend support as we will become family to these girls.

Creating family and jobs for orphaned girls so they may know
 are wanted, have significance, and have things to contribute to society.

Josiah's Covenant Business Model

Mission of Josiah’s Covenant:

We provide love, support, skills, education, a place to live, and a sense of family for teenage girls who have aged out of orphanages. Our desire is also to keep girls off the street from being trafficked. We work to build a team of individuals to help with the running of the household, farm, and training program. We empower the girls to dream and believe that they were created with a purpose.


Core Values of Josiah’s Covenant:

  • Sacrificial love
  • Heart directed
  • Open communication
  • Respect and honor
  • Truthful in word and actions
  • Encouraging and believing the best of others
  • Renewed mindsets

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