Not Over Yet

Not Over Yet

Our board recommitted their decision to continue to press forward with helping teenage orphan girls. They believe that this great work has more life...
Academy of Powerful Caregivers

Training for Equipping the Caregivers

We recently finished the course and book for the Academy of Powerful Caregivers, the training we created for our staff. It is available to...
Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted… Again

A couple weeks ago the doctors found Allison's mother had brain tumors and diagnosed them as cancerous. We quickly moved to NC to help...
Josiahs Covenant Interview

Josiah’s Covenant Founder’s Story

Kevin Shorter is interviewed about what drew Allison and him to start Josiah's Covenant and how were their kids affected following this dream.
Those Who Go

Those Who Go

Happy Fourth of July For all of you who are US citizens, happy fourth of July. It is the time of year we celebrate...
Annual Report Header

Josiah’s Covenant 2016 Annual Report

Last year was monumental for us receiving our first orphaned girls. Read more of the highlights in Josiah's Covenant 2016 Annual Report.
Enjoyment of Life

The Heart of a Father

We want to give teenage orphan girls in China opportunities to have a father figure. We want them to have a healthy male figure...
JC - Timeline (2017)

Introducing Phase Three

Will One of These Be Future Staff? This week we have had 15 locals from across China come start a three-month stay at our...
Shorters with Carmel

Examples of Creating Families

Our goal is to create family where we go, so that the orphaned girls will more easily receive from us. David and Phoebe are...
David and Phoebe

New Team Members

We are proud to announce that David and Phoebe will move to the farm to be the primary caretakers of future teenage orphaned girls...