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Josiah’s Covenant 2016 Annual Report

Last year was monumental for us receiving our first orphaned girls. Read more of the highlights in Josiah's Covenant 2016 Annual Report.
Enjoyment of Life

The Heart of a Father

We want to give teenage orphan girls in China opportunities to have a father figure. We want them to have a healthy male figure...
JC - Timeline (2017)

Introducing Phase Three

Will One of These Be Future Staff? This week we have had 15 locals from across China come start a three-month stay at our...
Shorters with Carmel

Examples of Creating Families

Our goal is to create family where we go, so that the orphaned girls will more easily receive from us. David and Phoebe are...
David and Phoebe

New Team Members

We are proud to announce that David and Phoebe will move to the farm to be the primary caretakers of future teenage orphaned girls...
Our Stay in the USA

Time in America

Our family is now really comfortable with and enjoys international community after living abroad, so we spent Christmas Eve with internationals.

Help Us Find Help

We have a farm ready to go, we have a plan in place for helping orphaned girls, and we have a source we can...

Farm Video and Potential Staff

Since being back and talking to many of you already, we have realized that some people don’t have a good understanding of the farm...

California Recruiting Trip

We will go up the coast of California, writing this new material, maintaining partnership connections, and hopefully recruiting more helpers.
Called into a family

We Are Called Into a Family

We are here in China to create a family of teenage orphan girls where they can experience the truth that they are special, precious,...